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Our mission is to work along side businesses through out the U.K, we will deliver high quality fire protection maintenance services and solutions, we will help shape and shield the future of fire risks in company’s nationwide, all our surveys are completed through our very own app, which will create easy to follow reports to allow company’s to understand what is required to achieve fire certification & safe working environment for there staff & employees, Fire doors and passive fire protection are one of many key factors in buildings which will slow the spread of fire around the building, protect areas and also protect the life’s of staff in case of emergency, T-W-S have worked in the fire industry for over 10 years with very professional and highly trained staff, from our surveys we will give company’s the Knowledge of what they do require to keep up with fire regulations, upgrades and maintenance, keeping your business running legal and safe 🔥


fire protection maintenance services

Services Offered

Certified fire door specialists

Fire Door Survey

Survey all firedoors, generate a full report

Fire door survey specialists

Fire Survey Systems

Surveying platform system with admin, create surveys from office to site and generate detailed documents www.firesurveysystems.com


fire protection maintenance services

Full Fire Door and Compartmentation Survey

Complete survey of the building checking all passive fire throughout, create a full detailed report.


Fire Survey Systems


by t-w-s nationwide | info@t-w-s.co.uk


Fire survey systems provides a future and a history for all fire related products


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