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Fire Door Survey App in the UK

Service 1 – Fire Door Survey

We will require access to plans of your building we’re we will find a fire line plan.
Off the fire line plan this will show us all the firewalls in your building and compartments.
Every door set on the fire line has to be up to fire regulations and maintained on a 6/12 month schedule.
We will book in a date or dates for one of our engineers to come to site and complete a full survey,
We will create a full report with all locations and pass/fail fire doors
Doors that have failed will be in detail why they have failed and what actions are required to upgrade or Maintain the door set to bring it up to current regulations, certification can then be achieved


fire door inspection services

Service 2 – Fire survey systems Software   

 Fire survey systems is a surveying platform system created by TWS nationwide, our platform will allow your company to control your surveys from office base admin with all sizes of teams of surveyors, upload drawings for pin location on all your products surveyed, create documents with all detailed information, add data tags to attached to products which will allow a detailed scope of all survey and works completed throughout a products lifetime,  we can deliver custom made templates to suit your areas of work, from doors to smoke alarms to emergency lightening, we look forward to a well organsined future. 

fire door inspection services

Service 3 – Full Fire Door and Compartmentation Survey

We will deliver a full passive fire survey of your premises, generate a full detailed report and breakdown, Passive fire is a major aspect of saftey in a building, our surveys will highlight any defects and we gaurentee to work along side you to acheive a fire safe building.  

Fire Survey Systems

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Fire survey systems provides a future and a history for all fire related products


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