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Fire Door Survey App in the UK

Service 1 – Fire Door Survey

We will require access to plans of your building we’re we will find a fire line plan.
Off the fire line plan this will show us all the firewalls in your building and compartments.
Every door set on the fire line has to be up to fire regulations and maintained on a 6/12 month schedule.
We will book in a date or dates for one of our engineers to come to site and complete a full fire door survey specialists,
Off this survey it will create a full pdf report with all locations and pass/fail fire doors along with pictures,
Doors that have failed will be in detail why they have failed and what actions are required to upgrade or Maintain the door set to bring it up to regulations,
With the fire door report we can quote for works required to bring the doors up to fire standards and certification
Also this report will allow you to get some competitive quotes for any contractor to work from to achieve the legal requirements

fire door inspection services

Service 2 – Intrusive Fire Door Survey

This is a mirror of service 1 with the added extra of removal of the archatraives around your door frames,
This will allow us to gather information for the fire stopping required around your door frames to stop passive fire.
Passive fire protection attempts to contain fires or slow the spread in such walls floors and doors,
This service is much more in depth service and a longer survey is required to complete this, same as survey one is all recorded on a pdf report which is your report, will be used by ourselfs or other contractors to work off to acheieve fire certification

fire door inspection services

Service 3 – Full Fire Door and Compartmentation Survey

This is mirrored off both service 1 & 2 with the added of checking all the firewalls around the building & all the fire compartments
With this we will discover what fire stopping is required around the full building to stop passive fire throughout. all fire walls and compartments have to be fully sealed with the correct fire components to stop the spread of smoke, this will determine what is required that is missing and any damage to existing fire compartmentation lines.

Fire Door Survey App

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Our very own survey app creates easy to follow survey reports for clients. Our reports are the start of getting your company’s fire lines up to standards and achieving certification.

Fire Door Survey App in the UK

Fire Door Survey App in the UK

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